Multimodal3D developed a new pipeline combining different tomographic images to obtain a new fused 3D meta-structure. The fused structure enhances detection and identification of different tissue types embedded in the sample. The image fusion can be applied to different tissues and materials. This method is especially suited for the analysis or the follow-up of biomaterial degradation and/or bone regeneration process, quantitative assessment of bone inflammatory processes and consequent bone weakness and degeneration. In this examples MRI and X-ray images have different contrast because of the presence of some tissues imaged similarly by X-ray and some other tissues detected only by MRI.

It is usual to image 3D samples or anatomical portion where two or more tissues give very similar signal, and therefore difficulties in tissue identification could arise requiring an invasive histological analysis. In this case, our method can be used to fuse images coming from different noninvasive methods to enhance the information as obtained separately by different 3D and 2D imaging modality of every anatomical locations.

The final result will be a new 3D image stack as sketched below.